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Let us help you get on the path to functional wellness for a lifetime of improved overall health.

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Functional Holistic Healing in Mocksville

Every person has the choice to be on the path to health or on the path to illness. At The Eclectic Healing Room in Mocksville, North Carolina, we know it can be difficult to be on the right path when you don’t have the map to get you there. Functional wellness isn’t the easy path compared to a quick visit to a physician and taking yet another prescription medication, but it is the best possible way to go for being as healthy as possible throughout your life. When you focus on the overall health of your mind, body, and spirit, great things are possible!

Holistic Healing and Functional Wellness

Far Infared Sauna sessions

Huso Sessions Vibrational Sound

AromaTouch & SOC Applications

Scalar & Rife Technology


Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing treats the body as a whole for overall improved health.

Holistic Health Services

Holistic Health Services

Give your body and mind the foundation to reach and maintain optimal health.

Functional Holistic Wellness

Functional Holistic Wellness

We offer a variety of programs to match your specific goals.

Other Services

Other Services

Offering personalized programs and modalities for individuals based on the unique needs  of each client.


“The Infrared Sauna is wonderful. I really appreciate all the great personal interest that is taken when you go there.”

Facebook Review, 5-Star

“Wonderful atmosphere; very calming as you walk in the door!! Knowledgeable practitioners and very personable!!! Truly care about each individual’s needs!!”

Facebook Review, 5-Star

“I highly recommend The Eclectic Healing Room. Tammy is so informative – she can help you in so many ways and keep you on the right path!”

Facebook Review, 5-Star

Other Modalities We Offer

Bioenergetic Health Scans

These scans measure the energy and stress signals in your body to help you identify areas of potential improvement.

Symphony of the Cells

Create harmony and balance in your body with this massage technique that uses specialized essential oils.

Individualized Flower Essences

Restore balance between your body and mind with a flower essence that was custom-made for you.

Traditional Homeopathy

Unlike traditional medicine, we take a homeopathic approach and aim to provide natural remedies to ailments.

Far Infrared Sauna Sessions

These sauna sessions help your body detox, which is helpful for treating a variety of health concerns and boosting immunity.

About Us

We are rooted in Jesus Christ and believe He is the ultimate healer. We are His tools to help you recover, restore and revive your life and health. We are firm believers that the human body was created by Him to be self-healing, provided it isn’t hampered from doing so. We want to help you understand your natural healing capabilities, while giving you the tools to live your best, optimal you!


Fed up with medicine and doctors? Contact us so we can help you heal naturally.

If you are tired of pills and haven’t achieved a successful resolution to your health problem despite countless visits to medical professionals, we want you to know that hope starts here.


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