The Eclectic Healing Room



The Eclectic Healing Room is a place where healing can begin. We use different modalities, individualized protocols and prayer. We firmly believe that God has designed the body to heal and he wants all his children to live a thriving life. You were wonderfully and beautifully created. 

 Your body is your temple, it’s time to clean it and restore the beauty you have within. It’s true, the body will naturally heal itself, if given the right condition to heal. If your body is not healing, tired, on too many prescriptions, passed from one doctor to another and told that there really is not anything more they can do, it is time to move forward. There is always hope and another way.

Our mission is to give you hope, healing and recovery.   

Our vision is to see you healthy and healed. Walking out of our doors into your new life. Equipped and educated to help yourself in any healing crisis you may have. Education is your key to thriving and not just surviving! 


Tammy Broadway

DFM, RCP, BC-HHP, D. CN and Holistic Chef

Gloria Boone

CLC, CECP, Ordained Minister and Inner Healing