Supplements, Mocksville, NC

Revive your health and life with effective supplements.

At The Eclectic Healing Room, this is a place where healing can begin. We use a variety of modalities, individualized protocol, and prayer to help our clients revive their health and their life. In many cases, we recommend supplements to help those seeking answers find a better way to support their health and heal.

Supplements in Mocksville, North Carolina

Some of the practitioner-grade supplements we carry and often recommend include:

  • Life Extension
  • Metagencis
  • BioBotanicals
  • Amy Myers MD
  • NuMedica
  • Thorne
  • Energetix

The supplements we suggest are meant to support your daily diet, ensuring your systems receive all the vitamins and minerals they need to heal, optimally function, and thrive. Your body may not receive certain nutrients in sufficient quantities through your diet alone, and the right supplements can support your body’s processes and help you gain access to these necessary nutrient building blocks.

We will consult with you about adding supplements to your daily routine in addition to a well-rounded diet. Once you incorporate these supplements, we will continue to check in with you to ensure they are having the desired effect and that you are seeing a noticeable, positive difference in your health.

Our mission is to give you hope, healing, and recovery, and supplements may be an effective part of this process. For more information about how we can help you and the different supplements we recommend to those in the in Mocksville, North Carolina area, reach out to us today.