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Far infrared sauna sessions are your defense against the toxins you come in contact with daily.

Far Infrared Sauna Sessions in Mocksville, North CarolinaIt might surprise you that all infrared is not the same. While all types of infrared saunas do have many benefits, if you want to experience the ultimate in detoxification and other benefits, the way to go is far infrared sauna sessions. At The Eclectic Healing Room in Mocksville, North Carolina, once we did the research of the different infrared saunas, we were convinced that far infrared was the best option to offer our clients.

Far infrared energy is a closer match to human energy, so it can resonate far better. Humans have a frequency of 9.4 microns, so near infrared doesn’t even come close at just 1 to 2 microns. Far infrared sauna sessions range between 4 and 14 microns to provide a more thorough cell cleansing.

It might seem like far infrared is a new discovery, but that isn’t the case. In fact, Japanese and Chinese researchers have completed extensive research over the past 25 years. Their findings support several claims of health benefits, not just through detoxification, but also through increasing circulation and oxygen supply, not to mention relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Another benefit of far infrared sauna sessions is that not only did research find them to be free of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), but regular use can also offset the negative effects of EMFs that are tough to avoid given our daily use of computers and cell phones, as well as nearness to high-tension power lines.

Everyday life is fraught with toxicity that we can carry about in our body, which can lead to long-term adverse health effects. Far infrared sauna sessions are your defense against those toxins while alleviating various symptoms you might already have. Reach out to us today to learn more.