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Scalar & rife technology is something we embrace here to help you be your healthiest you!

Scalar & Rife Technology in Mocksville, North CarolinaScalar machines are the first device to provide three different methods of transmitting healing scalar waves: pure scalar, molecular scalar, and rife scalar. Scalar energy waves were discovered many years ago– back in the mid-1800s, in fact. Scalar waves have the capacity to carry energy without decay loss with the passing of time or distance. While discovered by James Clerk Maxwell, it was later that Nikola Tesla invented machines that proved their existence, which is why scalar waves are sometimes referred to as Tesla waves. Albert Einstein used the information about scalar waves to develop quantum physics.

Later research found that human DNA and scalar waves spin in harmony and that scalar waves could provide healing by stimulating cell growth in immune system cells. Transmitting healing energy is only part of the benefit. Scalar waves also neutralize the adverse effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) on the body.

While scalar waves are truly remarkable, they aren’t the only way to use frequency to aid in healing. Rife frequency was discovered in 1833 by Dr. Royal Rife, who found that frequencies can be used to destroy pathogens, not just boost immunity. When you put scalar & rife technology together, you gain the benefits of eliminating both pathogens and toxins, healing at the cellular level, and preventing a variety of diseases.

Scalar & rife technology is something we embrace here at The Eclectic Healing Room in Mocksville, North Carolina. If your goal is to become the healthiest you can be by eliminating pathogens and preventing illness, don’t hesitate to ask us about this holistic healing and functional wellness option.