Last October, I got sick. Everything I ate went right through me. Even if I didn’t eat, I ended up losing a lot of weight and getting weaker by the day. I didn’t want to go to the doctor as I had in the past, because they just said I had IBS and treated the symptoms, never looking for the cause.

After dealing with this for months, I reached out to a friend, Tammy Broadway, who had opened a holistic center. She did an intake on me and quickly decided that I had a pathogen in my small intestine. She started me on a natural supplement, a natural antibiotic, and also sessions on a RIFE machine. Within a month, my bathroom issues had pretty much stopped. I finally started feeling like myself again, with a lot more energy.

Last month. I had an extra stressful schedule and was pretty much running on adrenaline. When it was over, I hit a wall; I was totally exhausted. I called my friend Tammy again and told her I thought I was dealing with adrenal fatigue. She had me go over for a visit and get a scalar treatment. What a difference it made!
I have great faith in holistic healing. No harsh chemical prescriptions with inevitable side effects. It’s been an awesome experience, and I wanted to share.

Dianna C.